About Alpha Modus

Alpha Modus launched in 2014 in the virtual financial technology marketplace for the purpose of creating algorithmic trading strategies using advanced analytics utilities to better predict the financial markets. The Alpha Modus financial solution extracts insights hidden within unstructured data to create higher risk adjusted returns. Alpha Modus incorporated IBM Watson into their solution and was awarded the IBM Beacon Award in 2016 for their innovative use of Watson as part of their predictive analytics solution in the financial space.

Alpha Modus Founder William Alessi saw the Alpha Modus solution as a valuable tool for any vertical, not just the financial markets. The Company expanded its “actionable insights as a service” offering to companies needing a more complete picture of how to reduce risk while achieving higher returns through a complete understanding of their entire digital ecosystem, even relevant industry news and social media influences. The Alpha Modus solution transforms how a company makes decisions by better understanding all its information from its structured and unstructured data, putting it into actionable intelligence.

Alpha Modus helps companies harness the digital avalanche not be buried by it.

William Alessi - Founder & CEO

William Alessi


William Alessi began his career in the financial markets as a proprietary trader in 1997 with his focus on algorithmic modeling. His forward-thinking entrepreneurial leadership skills helped shape Andover Brokerage, one of the fastest growing proprietary trading firms that pioneered the electronic day trading era. Soon after, Andover sold for more than $140 million.

In 2000, Alessi formed Hybrid Titan Management, LLC which has a core focus in public venture capital. Hybrid continues to seek out investments in early stage technology start-ups and data driven ventures. It was through Hybrid that Alessi formed Alpha Modus in 2014 and became its initial seed investor and Founder.


Christopher Christiansen - CCO

Christopher Christiansen


Christopher Christiansen is uniquely adept at understanding the science of cutting-edge technologies and how they can interact together — as well as evaluating future revenue models and designing value stream strategies.  Christiansen is responsible for developing the Company expansion by identifying other industries that could benefit from the Alpha Modus’ predictive data analytics platform.

Christiansen is a frequent industry spokesperson, including testimony’ to the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce and Subcommittee on Energy and Power in Washington, DC.  Former President of Alevo, USA, he holds a BA in Business Administration, Cum Laude, from Northwood University in Florida.


Jeff Gates - President, Energy Storage

Jeff Gates


Jeff Gates is responsible for global consulting services for the energy storage division. Prior to joining Alpha Modus, Gates was Vice President of Global Sales for Alevo and Managing Director for Duke Energy Commercial Transmission. At Duke, Gates had primary project development responsibility for the Notrees Battery Storage Project, a 36-megawatt storage system being installed adjacent to one of Duke Energy’s wind farms in West Texas. In addition to his responsibilities at Alpha Modus, Gates is a director and former chair of the Energy Storage Association. Gates holds a BS, Economics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, an MA, Economics from Boston University and an MBA, Finance from University of Arizona, Eller College of Management.


Scott Schotter - Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Schotter


Scott Schotter leads the overall marketing and public relations efforts for Alpha Modus. An international expert in branding, communications and marketing strategies, Schotter has experience in bringing major campaigns to a global market. He has an abiding passion for delivering a clear, accurate and compelling message.

Schotter thrives on challenges, particularly those that can expand the reach of Alpha Modus and their clients. He has served previously as Chief Marketing Officer of Alevo USA and Virtual Works, prior to that he served as President of GP Networks, Schotter also serves on several organizational boards including the WorldWatch Institute and the SafeLawns Foundation.




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