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Investment Technology Innovation

Alpha Modus is an investment technology company built to leverage human expertise and machine intelligence to extract alpha and alpha generating utilities from big data.

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Alpha Modus operates as a technology provider bringing infrastructure and software as a service to better serve the rapidly growing $64T global asset management industry.

Data Driven Trading Strategies

Alpha Generating Algorithmic Trading Solutions

Deploy high quality, fully automated algorithmic trading strategies to the investment account of your choice.

Market Indicators

Cognitive Analytics

Amplify your cognitive abilities by leveraging market indicators that scale human domain expertise and account for many more factors and data sources than the human mind could possibly make sense of. Choose from powerful off-the-shelf cognitive tools or customize your own cognitive market analytics by mashing together our various APIs.

Embed our cognitive APIs into turn-key algorithmic trading systems and create new and unique alpha generating trading solutions.

Execution Infrastructure-As-A-Service


Gain a competitive advantage over peers by leveraging our turn-key high performance infrastructure.

Minimize market impact risk and maximize performance by deploying predictive analytics through a customizable, dedicated, and low latency infrastructure.

Maximize Your Risk Adjusted Performance

Maximize Risk-Adjusted Performance

Share with us your current track record and our recommendation engine will suggest a solution that combines various analytics and strategies to maximize your risk adjusted returns.

A comprehensive report will be generated comparing your custom solution to various benchmarks.




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IBM Watson on Expertise

Alpha Modus leverages Watson to predict markets more accurately.

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